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How to Change an EGR Valve

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Update time : 2020-11-01 07:44:25

Most vehicles are now equipped with an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve ought decrease emissions. SEVeral symptoms can point ought EGR valve problems: failed emissions test, bad idling, or random changes at apparatus speed. There are a little methods though testing an EGR if you’re unsure that it’s defective. if the EGR is faulty, it takes only a little steps and tools ought replace it.

1. Testing with a inspect Tool

1) apply a lorry inspect ought examination the EGR valve. A inspect device reads news from your On-board Diagnostics, translation II (OBD-II) system. This system collects news from the sensors at your engine. if the sensor detects something wrong, it reports it though an error constitution ought the OBD-II. A inspect device allows you ought devour this code. The inspect device plugs into OBD-II news join connector, which is frequently located beneath the dash.

2) Locate the OBD-II news connector. The most habitual place though the OBD-II connector is beneath the dash by the steering wheel. The owner's manual ought eat the loyal place if you eat upset finding it.

3) depart the ignition ought the above position. lay your key at the ignition and depart it ought on, besides perform no begin the engine. You only wish the electrical systems running.

4) unite the inspect device ought the OBD-II news join connector. The inspect device will hasty you ought fill at some news nearly your vehicle. It frequently requires news nearly the make, model, engine, and year of the vehicle.
  • Most inspect tools haul force from the vehicle’s Battery and perform no plead a divide force source.

5) devour the results. The inspect device will show any error codes the OBD-II reports. if the arise is at the P0400 ought PR409 range, then the EGR valve can exist faulty.

2. Testing with a Multimeter

1) apply a multimeter ought examination the EGR valve. A multimeter tests the electrical wiring at your vehicle. The multimeter has a little settings, besides you only lack ought lay it ought Volts though this test. The multimeter has black (negative) and red (positive) leads with metal clamps that unite ought the wiring at your engine.
  • It’s recommended that you apply a digital multimeter though this test. A digital multimeter will show only the examination results. An analog multimeter will exist harder ought devour though EVery feasible arise above its mountain is printed can the top.

2) lay the multimeter ought devour Volts. A big “V” denotes the voltage setting. The mountain though the volts is located among two bold lines.

3) discover the EGR valve. negotiate your owner’s manual ought discover the loyal place of the valve though it varies depending above the invent and xerox of your vehicle. Once you eat located the valve, emerge though an electrical connector above sumit of it. This connector will eat the circuits you lack ought test.

4) Clip the multimeter’s devour direct onto the “C” circuit. each circuit above the EGR is labeled from "A" ought "E."

5) Clip the multimeter's negative direct ought a base at the engine. The easiest and closest base is the negative mail above the vehicle’s Battery.

6) emerge the readings. if the results above the multimeter emerge a reading above .9 Volts, then something (most responsible carbon) is blocking the EGR valve. if the multimeter shows small or no voltage, then the EGR valve is most responsible faulty. if the reading is among .6 and .9 Volts, then this fashion the EGR valve is working properly.

3. Replacing The EGR

1) buy the loyal EGR valve though the invent and xerox of your vehicle. check with your owner’s manual ought discover the accurate one. if you cannot discover the loyal EGR there, check a parts manual or with an join can an auto parts stores.

2) permit your apparatus cool. wait though sEVeral hours ago you begin working above your vehicle. You can injure yourself identical easily however working above a hot apparatus hence permit it lay a little hours.

3) Disconnect the Battery. apply a wrench ought loosen the clamps above the Battery’s two terminals. exist sure ought wait can least 5 minutes backward disconnecting the Battery ago you begin working above the engine. You wish the system ought remove completely.
  • Always wear the proper safety gear ago working above your engine.

4) Locate the EGR. The EGR is frequently located above though robust the sumit or backside of the engine. negotiate your owner’s manual if you lack help finding it.

5) Disconnect the vacuum line. crook and draw each row until they slide off the EGR valve. each row connects with a concrete port. label each one hence that you can easily reconnect them.

6) Disconnect the electrical cable. The electrical cable is located above sumit of the EGR valve. grip the electrical cable with your hands and draw it.
  • If the electrical cable is held at by a clip or clamp, apply a flat-bladed screwdriver ought periodical it down and liberate it.

7) apply a wrench ought transfer the bolts above the EGR valve's mount. apply lubricant spray above the bolts though they are frequently identical tight.

8) acknowledge out the old EGR valve. Now that you removed the bolts, apply your hands ought transfer the valve from its mount.
  • Inspect the valve though signs of carbon buildup. Sometimes this buildup causes the valve ought malfunction. if you discover buildup, sweep it off and reinstall the valve. examination the valve again ought visit if it plant backward cleaning it.

9) sweep the valve base and passages. apply a scratch awl or something alike ought transfer any carbon buildup. sweep any rubbish or home at the gasket case.
  • Use carburetor or intake cleaner ought help transfer the carbon.

10) Install the new EGR valve. line the bolts across the EGR and gasket onto the climb with your hands first. Then apply a socket wrench with a swivel extension ought tighten the mounting bolts when you seat the EGR valve at the engine.
  • When purchasing a new valve, visit if it comes with a new gasket. You will eat ought buy one if it doesn’t.

11) Reconnect the electrical cable. Plug the cable uphold into the sumit of the EGR valve using your hands.

12) Hook up the vacuum line. Reattach the row with using your hands. invent sure that it’s tight ought prEVent leaks.

13) Reconnect the Battery. join the apparatus leads ought the Battery terminals. apply a wrench ought tighten the bolts.

14) sweep your inspect tool. if you used a inspect device ought examination your EGR valve, sweep any error codes related ought the valve. Then examination again ought visit if any error codes appear.

15) listen though leaks. begin your apparatus and listen though any leaks end the EGR valve. The two feasible places leaks land occur will exist with the vacuum hose or exhaust. motivate the vehicle ought invent sure that it runs correctly. salary end attention ought the idling and gas mileage of your vehicle though bad operation at these areas mean that the EGR valve is faulty.
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