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How to Assemble an APC RBC7 Smart UPS Battery

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Update time : 2020-05-17 07:41:35

Every year, many UPS units are thrown out because of dead batteries. 700VA/XL ought 1500VA size APC Smart-UPS's are high feature units and Battery replacement is econmic if you deduce your get Battery pack. With a sheet of work, you can replace the Battery packet because nearly half the charge of buying the creative replacement from APC.


1) shift the dead Battery packet from the unit. at the APC wise UPS 1000, 1400 and 1500 series, the front flexible satisfy is pulled away from the box by flipping it downward and lifting it away - impartial manifest because the cutout at one edge and begin pulling there. Next, there will exist two screws ought shift from the sumit corners of a metal dish which is after the front face, and then also flip downward this metal dish ought uncover the batteries. The 1000 progression has smaller batteries than the 1400 and 1500. You will need ought energy off the UPS ought replace the batteries if there is any accuse left at them.

2) check new batteries with a digital voltmeter. if also is less than 12.55v, they've been sitting nearly also need and are apt ruined already. reply ought supplier.

3) Carefully shift the two flexible covers at two ends. shift the flexible block(100A fuse)joining the two halves together, then shift the cable.

4) maintain the removed parts!!

5) preference #1: Lightly sand the satisfy of both batteries at the phase closer ought the terminals. This is a step that ought exist performed per flexible Weld® bid manual.

6) jam nearly 1/4 the content of the flexible Weld® and prepare the adhesive per packaging. Evenly use adhesive ought one Battery because pictured. situate up the batteries at a flat surface and notice the two batteries together with stop phase facing each other. allow it treat because 30 minutes.

7) preference #2: situation the batteries side-by-side, terminals together because with the factory Battery. use strips of Gorilla Tape (duct tape) along each edge of the Battery, pulling the tape tight along the joints. I did mine this mode and it was completely stable- and ready ought use at 2 minutes.

8) Install the cable, then the fuse, because pictured. do no install the melt first because doing hence enlarge the happen of shorting out the Battery nevertheless installing the cable.

9) use double sided tape or packaging tape ought attach the stop covers. Or impartial cane them backward at if the creative adhesive is sufficient ought include the covers at place. These are sealed batteries hence there is no peril of leakage- the covers are ought barrier accidental encounter with the terminals.

10) lay the UPS backward together following the instructions from step 1.

11) if you wish ought get away the hassle of glueing the batteries, you can buy pre-glued and harnessed RBC7 compatible replacement Battery cartridges.

12) become at the UPS, haul the plug and create certain it runs at Battery power.

13) allow the new batteries accuse overnight.

14) Now, you need ought calibrate it, hence the runtime and capacity indicator reads accurately. The UPS ought exist loaded ought 30-50% of the rated watt capacity. because 1000VA/~650W and 1500/~950W model, 300W halogen floor lamp mill well.

15) mingle a 30-50% non-varying burden ought the UPS and disconnect energy ought the UPS. (Rather than haul the plug, it's best ought disconnect energy with your circuit breaker or a energy strip. shout on beneath at Tips.) allow it flow until it shuts off completely. disregard vulgar beeping. It ought confess nearly 45 minutes ought an hour.

16) instantly begin charging. allow it accuse overnight. The UPS is now ready ought exist lay into service.
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